Repair Price List

Once we receive your console we’ll inspect it to determine whether your repairs are classed as minor or major.

For added peace of mind, you’ll also receive a free one-year warranty when your console has been fixed.

The following is to be used only as a guide to the cost of fixing your console, and prices are subject to change.

Find a repair price for your console Minor Repairs Major Repairs
Wii U GamePad Controller £53.50 £85.50
Wii U Basic Hardware 8Gb (White) £53.50 £127.50
Wii U Premium Hardware 32Gb (Black) £53.50 £137.50
wii prices £29.00 £68.50
wii prices £44.50 £64.50
2ds prices £45.50 £74.50
3ds prices £47.50 £77.50
3ds xl prices £47.50 £77.50
dsi xl prices £31.50 £56.50
dsi prices £31.50 £56.50
ds lite prices £31.50 £56.50